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  • What is nRich?
    nRich is true personalisation at scale; a patented solution which is able to deliver personality profiles through our individual reaction to music - powered by Sounds Like Me. nRich breathes life and soul into data and delivers personality profiling at scale across all cultures. nRich is predictive AI utilising our own patented Sounds LIke Me audio profiling survey. nRich is a unique 1st Party, GDPR-compliant data platform that uses an individual’s reaction to music to map their personality traits and values, and predict their preferences across a multitude of channels. nRich provides a sophisticated and profound understanding of people including their likes, dislikes, motivations and relationships. A limitless platform, capable of providing highly personalised enrichments across music, film, tv, dating, education and self-help, magazines, books, shopping, news, leisure activities, apps, radio, employment, health, and brand engagement plus countless others.
  • What is Sounds Like Me
    Sounds Like Me powers nRich. Sounds Like Me is a fun and engaging personality profiling platform which uses an individual’s reaction to music to accurately produce predictive profiles. Sounds Like Me (SLM) offers the most accurate personality profile and predictive insights into an individual’s personality, habits and behaviours. This is all done by an individual’s reaction to music. It has no language or culture barriers, cannot be gamed and negates privacy issues.
  • Why is SLM different from other forms of personality profiling?
    SLM offers a unique experience on a number of levels. The Sounds Like Me audio survey uses music to assess personality - alongside the most powerful measurement of personality - The Big Five aka OCEAN. This is a non-intrusive, highly detailed, evidence-based, fun tool that works across language barriers. Also significantly - it cannot be gamed. SLM respects a user's privacy, requesting no other forms of information. We inherently value and uphold the use of our scientific methodology to create powerful, predictive results.
  • Does your personality change over time?
    No, your personality traits are stable over time; these are long-term characteristics which result in individuals behaving in specific ways. The combination of various traits form a personality that is unique to each individual. The context of an individual can only have a temporary influence on their state or mood. Personality traits are enduring patterns of behaviour that last a lifetime.
  • Are the results credible from a scientific perspective?
    Yes – the entire process is evidence-based and designed with the particular assistance and skill of our academic team. The methodology for each audio survey is developed by Professor Adrian North, Dean of Learning & Teaching at Curtin University, and is the culmination of 20+ years of research and over 100 peer-reviewed papers. Professor North’s lifelong commitment to this research area has seen him become the most widely recognised and leading expert in his field.
  • How accurate is the audio survey in comparison to a normal questionnaire?
    The problem with typical surveys is that they can be subject to bias; results can be skewed and gamed depending on how an individual would like to be perceived, in comparison to who they truly are. Competitor measures of personality have very significant drawbacks that can only be addressed by using music to measure personality. SLM overcomes all of the drawbacks of conventional measures of personality profiling. SLM uses localised, culture-by-culture mapping of music onto personality. Music is understood by all people within a given culture - it is universal. SLM assesses the ‘real you’ by assessing personality without social distortions. Not only is the process of using SLM more reliable, the fact that we use the Big Five/OCEAN sets us apart from the rest.
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