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How does it work?

1. Start... The assistant is open above. 

You will be asked for your email, age and choice of survey (UK or US currently). More locations coming soon...

If you've already used the assistant welcome back - no login needed!

2. This is all about you...

You will be presented with music tracks... This is based on your reaction to sound, not your music taste! So be honest - maybe listen in a cupboard ? ;-)

3. Like, dislike or neutral?

Decide whether you like, dislike or are neutral when listening to each track. Remember! This is not evaluating your music taste. It's evaluating your sonic reaction based on tracks that will flawlessly evaluate your personal traits.

4. Done...

You will get your own unique and accurate personality profile and can now ask anything and get personalised results. Forever. You never need to do this survey again - it lives with you forever without any data mining.

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